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Welcome to the Faith Manufacturing Blog. We hope you learn more about who we are and what we do.

Get to Know Faith Manufacturing

In 1984 Greg Webster and Larry Gustine were finishing apprenticeships as Technical Instructors for an iron works company in Houston. They set their sights on starting their own machine shop together someday. The venture of going out on their own would certainly require a great deal of faith. Thus, “Faith Manufacturing” was born. Over the years, Faith Manufacturing has undergone many changes and several dramatic expansions. But ultimately the dedication to empowering and serving our customers and community has stayed the same.

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With a proven track record of customer success and sustainable growth, Faith Manufacturing has become a global leader in precision machining. We have partnerships with the best suppliers in the industry, many having over three decades of providing solid performance for our customers. We handle everything from ordering the raw material to your specifications, machining, managing all subcontracted outside procedures, documentation and shipping requirements for both domestic and international shipments.

Our goal is to simplify the entire customer experience of machine work. Once you place an order, we take care of the rest. Our tenured staff is dedicated to being your turnkey solution. With deadlines top of mind, we will take your order requirements and meet your machining demands. We don’t want you to have to think about your order again until it hits your dock.

At Faith Manufacturing, we offer a diverse yet tailored set of capabilities and services. Over the years we’ve both expanded and zoned in on our strengths. In the last few decades of business, we’ve found that our strongest capabilities are turning, milling, and product realization. Our parts are not only precision machined, but also made from materials designed to withstand some of the harshest environments, no matter the size. Read more about our special capabilities below.


We are continuously growing and bettering our machining capacity. We’re able to provide large volumes of precision machined components to our customers because of our ever-evolving breath and depth of machining knowledge.

We have the expertise needed to machine ring grooves, square grooves, dove-tail grooves, threads, and any other turning demands your product may require. Regardless of the complexity of your machining needs, we will find a way to make your parts. From fixture design to manufacturing to quality control methods, we have you covered.

When you call Faith Manufacturing, your project is assessed by our knowledgeable sales staff. We process the quote for your project in a way that prioritizes both timeliness and accuracy.
Whether you are a government agency, small businesses, or an oil & gas subsea operation Faith Manufacturing can produce the custom machined part you need.

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