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We are Global Leaders of Precision Machining with nearly 40 Years of Dedication to Quality, Customer Success, and Sustainable Growth.

Hebrews 11:1

Our Mission

“Sustainable Growth Through Integrity, Passion and Service Excellence”

Faith Manufacturing is dedicated to sustainable growth with unwavering integrity and measurable results at its core. We are committed to manufacturing excellence, delivering quality products, and maintaining ethical practices. Our employees are invaluable, and our mission is to continually enrich their lives through professional growth, spiritual, emotional, and financial well-being, creating an environment where they can flourish.

Our Vision

“Building a Future of Excellence, Guided by Faith”

Faith Manufacturing envisions a future where we stand as a global leader, diversified across multiple markets, renowned for delivering exceptional quality products and unparalleled customer service. We aim to utilize this expansive platform to honor God by impacting lives within our local communities being a beacon of integrity, compassion, and faith, touching lives, and making a meaningful difference.

Our History: The Story of Faith Manufacturing, Inc.

In 1984, while working for Cameron Iron Works, in Houston, Texas, Greg Webster and Larry Gustine began to feel the call to start their own machine shop. Both had previously completed their apprenticeship programs and were enjoying their positions as Technical Instructors for Cameron’s highly-respected Training and Safety Division. The oil and gas industry was floundering and by late 1984 had hit rock bottom. Starting a machine shop at this time may have seemed foolish to others, but both felt this was a calling they had to answer.

Greg and Larry would spend the next several months exploring and discussing the possibility of starting a new machine shop. In January of 1985, after pulling together their combined life savings of $12,000.00, they set out to start their new business. Needing a name for the business, Greg suggested Faith Manufacturing, since answering the call to start a machine shop at such a time as this would certainly require a great deal of “faith”. Larry agreed, and in January of 1985, the new business would become Faith Manufacturing Company.

Almost immediately after taking the leap of faith to start their new business, doors began to open. Their first machine tool, a 19 inch Summit engine lathe fell into their laps, and from all places, Anheuser-Busch Brewery in East Houston, where Larry had done some part-time maintenance work on the weekends. They were able to acquire the machine, which was practically new, for $3,000.00, a third of what it was worth. Greg and Larry now had their first machine, but no shop to put it in.

Greg and Larry set out to locate a facility to operate their business out of and decided to begin their search in Humble, Texas. The Humble Business Park was a mini-warehouse business park located on Hwy 59 North in Humble, where Home Depot is currently located. The next door would soon open for Faith Manufacturing. One afternoon, Greg and Larry met with the leasing agent of the business park to search for a unit to lease. After being shown a particular unit by the leasing agent, Larry enquired about the unit next door which was also empty at the time. The leasing agent quickly dismissed his request to see it and told him that it had been a shop of some kind and was not yet cleaned up; she was certain we would not be interested in the unit. Larry insisted to see it and when Greg and Larry entered the unit, they quickly realized it had been a machine shop and was literally wired, plumbed and ready to install machines. The savings of the electrical service alone that was already in place from the previous shop was a savings to them of close to $10,000.00. In January 1985, Faith Manufacturing Company moved into the 1,250 square foot unit (which included the office) and began cutting chips. The monthly cost for the unit was $437.00 per month.

In February, 1989, Faith Manufacturing Company incorporated, and became Faith Manufacturing Company, Incorporated, a Texas corporation. The company would remain at the Hwy 59 North location until the summer of 1991. During the period of over six years at this location, Faith Manufacturing would grow to include leasing an additional four units, employing twenty-two employees and would add another fourteen pieces of equipment.

In April,1991, realizing the need to find a larger facility, Greg and Larry began the search in and around the Humble area for a potential building to move into. One day during a lunch break while driving down Atascocita Road, they noticed a large metallic building which seemed to be unoccupied. There were no signs on the building indicating whether or not the facility was for lease or sale. Going on nothing more than a hunch, they drove down a gravel road that ran alongside the building to a small frame house that sat behind the property the building sat upon. Speaking with an elderly woman who lived in the house, they were able to obtain the name and contact information for the owner of the property. Late one afternoon, Greg and Larry met with the owner of the property in an upstairs room of the building, the room that is now Greg‘s office. That evening, Greg and Larry agreed to a deal to lease-purchase the 10,000 square foot facility on five acres. Little did they know at the time that their greatest door had just opened; Home Depot would buy the Humble Business Park in October and demand that tenants be out of their units within 30 days. It had taken three months to get the new facility ready to move into. God had gone before them once again and provided. On August 23, 1991, Faith Manufacturing Company, Incorporated, moved to its new home at 406 Atascocita Road, Humble, Texas, where it remains to this day.

Faith Manufacturing has undergone several expansions during the past thirty-seven years. In 1996, Faith Manufacturing doubled the size of its manufacturing space by constructing 10,000 square feet which included a 10-ton overhead crane. In 2003, a 2500 square foot shipping and receiving building was constructed. In 2009, an additional 12,500 square feet of manufacturing and warehouse space was constructed, which included a second 10-ton crane bay and two, 5-ton cranes. In 2014, an additional 11,750 square feet manufacturing facility was constructed which included four, 5-ton overhead cranes.

Today, Faith Manufacturing Company, Inc, is a highly regarded and respected provider of quality machined products, serving the most prestigious and respected names in the oil tool supply industry, with daily shipments to locations all around the world. Faith Manufacturing holds certifications to API Q1 and ISO 9001:2015. Faith Manufacturing operates out of a 52,000 square foot facility, currently has 85 employees, and is continuing rapid growth every month. At present, Faith Manufacturing has five employees who have received, twenty-five years of service award watches, with two more employees scheduled to join the twenty five year club in 2022. Faith Manufacturing operates close to 50 pieces of equipment, including a full line of CNC Lathes, Mills and EDM as well as a line of manual machine tools.

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