CNC Milling Services

 “Milling,” in reference to machining, means to use a rotating tool to remove metal. There are a wide variety of tools that can create different shapes. As opposed to turning, the product is fastened in place, and the rotating tool is adjusted to create the desired cut. The benefit to milling is that the cut can be made asymmetrically. One side of the part can look different than the other.

The machines used to perform milling are commonly called “Mills.” At Faith Manufacturing we take advantage of both Manual Mills and CNC Mills. Manual Mills are adjusted by hand for the desired cut, while the CNC Mills are controlled by a computer. Most of our mills are vertical, meaning that the cutting tool approaches the part from above. However, we also take advantage of horizontal mills that approach the part from the side.

Our mills can cut on anything that weighs less than 4500 lbs, and when combined with our lathe cutting abilities, the mills allow us to produce a wide variety of machined steel, aluminum, bronze, and even plastic parts. Click on “Request a Quote” to let us help you be successful with our machining expertise. 

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