Inconel Machined Parts

Inconel is a super-alloy that was developed in the 1940’s, and is trademarked by Special Metals Corporation. It contains a high level of Nickel, which gives it strength. When heated, Inconel (or Iconel) forms an oxide layer that makes it exceedingly durable in extreme heat and/or extreme pressure. This also makes it resistant to corrosion and oxidation. Inconel is useful in subsea environments, not only because of its pressure tolerance, but because it will not corrode in saltwater.

inconelGiven this extreme durability, this material can be difficult to machine. Faith Manufacturing has put procedures in place that can produce accurately machined Inconel parts. Working with Faith Manufacturing ensures high quality parts, which saves our customers money. This is particularly important in the flow control of oil.

Flow control and other systems require the ability to control the pressure produced by oil. This pressure can cause damage and injuries if it is not contained properly. Inconel can withstand the high pressure and help direct the flow. 

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