Chromoly Machined Parts

Chromoloy is considered a type of steel as it contains chromium and molybdenum. These elements make it harder and stronger than standard steel and give it a great strength-to-weight ratio.

chromolyWe often work with 4140, 4130 and have experience with 4340 grade Chromoloy. We utilize a wide variety of procedures and our wealth of knowledge form years of working with these grades to complete customer approved products.

Faith has manufactured everything Bonnets to Hangers, Casings, Bodies, Caps, Plugs, as well as other parts, using Chromoloy. Working with vendors allows the ultimate processing and the ability to meet rigorous requirements, whether that be a process of Pre-Heat Treat machining, or forging materials being manufactured to pre-determined dimensions. These are just some of the ways Faith as a company strives to meet and fulfill all customer standards.

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